What was the fate of Vern Tessio? What is the Ray Brower story?

gsenviro | Student

Vern Tessio is a character in The Body, one of the four novels published as a collection titled Different Seasons by Stephen King in 1982. It is a story of four boys who go looking for the body of a missing boy and along the way encounter the harsh realities of life in a small town.

Vern Tessio, a teenager, is continually harassed by his elder brother and is the one who tips off his friends about the location of the missing boy's dead body. Vern dies in a house fire after a party in 1966, six years after the story takes place.  

Ray Brower was the boy who was reported missing from Chamberlain, a town forty miles east of Castle Rock. He left home to pick blueberries, but never came back. It is later revealed that he died after being struck by a train. His body is found by the four boys and a gang of bullies, but the location is given as an "anonymous tip" to the authorities.

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