What was the fate of Helen's Doll and what were Helen's feelings towards the incident?

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Helen's Aunt Ev makes her a towel doll before she embarks upon her trip, a journey that will culminate in a famous, life-changing meeting with Alexander Graham Bell. The doll is hastily-made and improvised. Naturally, it doesn't have the features one would expect to find in a toy store doll. But it's one particular feature of the doll that's important: its lack of eyes. Even though she's blind, Helen already understands how important a pair of eyes can be to someone's identity, and she wants this to be reflected in her toy doll. So Aunt Ev sews on a couple of buttons for the doll's eyes. After she does this, however, Helen completely loses interest in the doll. She's made her point. It wasn't so much that she wanted a doll with eyes; it's that she wanted to communicate a relatively sophisticated concept, something she seldom gets the chance to do before Annie Sullivan enters into her life.

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