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What was the extent of Islamic expansion one century after Muhammad's death?

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The prophet Muhammad died in 632 CE.  Within 100 years of his death, the Muslim empire had expanded to a great degree, reaching as far east as what is now Iran and as far west as Spain.

By 100 years after Muhammad's death, Islam's expansion was at a high point.  In the west, Islam had spread across all of Northern Africa.  It had even crossed the Straits of Gibraltar and Muslims dominated the Iberian Peninsula.  This was as far as Islam was to penetrate into Europe as Muslim armies were defeated at the Battle of Tours in France in 732.  By that time, Islam dominated everything from Morocco across Northern Africa to the Levant, the Arabian Peninsula, and the Persian Empire.


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samjazael123 | Student

Is started during conquest after conquest, yet islam started growing to power as a former Gnostic Movement. Much of the Al-Quran has many gnostic tales in it including a expanded version of the gospel of thomas which was Gnostic and Apocryphal text. Islam began to take power in the year 689 A.D when they conquered medina. They created a Caliphate during the reign of Abdullah Bin Khalif was a huge blow to christianity because many Christians where thrown out of Jerusalem as well as enslaved. Though not all islamic rulers where terrible. Caliph Omar in fact different than by his name. He let pilgrims Christian or Jew in Jeruslam and was considered for his hospitality. It was during many years of fighting that Islam would conquer the holy land. Christianities last stronghold was Acre and was desolate right after as the so called Knights Templar came home to failure. The prophet mohammad and Islam created the religion of the sword. Ever since the beginning of war the sword is considered what is needed to conquer. Islam grew through the collapse of an unorganized structure of government. As Islam never had a reformation and Christianity did more and more people are claiming that Christianity lost because of its so many changes to doctrine. Though the only church that has remained the same over the years is the Coptic church. As it is in egypt even though it is the last of early Christianity it is also dwindling as persecution of Christians till this day. Islam grew by the belief that Christian doctrine is false, but is there hope for the believers of all faiths? Will there one day be peace between Islam and Christianity? Well lets wait till that day one of our future leaders might be able to make that happen.  Possibly you or even me!