What was Executive Order 9066, and how did it affect states during the time of war?  

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Executive Order 9066 was issued during World War II. This order forced the Japanese to relocate away from cities on the west coast for fear they would aid Japan during World War II. This executive order was later viewed as a dark mark in American history as innocent people were forced to relocate only because of their ethnic origin. While this order also impacted some Germans and Italians, the Japanese were by far affected the most. Many Japanese lost their businesses. Some never recovered and died in the camps.

This order affected many states. States along the west coast had to help the War Department enforce and carry out this order. The Japanese had to be notified, rounded up, labeled, and moved to relocation camps in other states mainly away from the west coast. There had been a lot of negative attitudes towards the Japanese because of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. There were people in these west coast states that were glad to see the Japanese being forced to leave the area.

There were several relocation camps in different states that received the relocated Japanese. These camps were in states that included the states of Arkansas, Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho. These states had to help with the relocation and the holding of the Japanese until the executive order was cancelled.

None of the Japanese who were interned were ever convicted of anything. The government made a formal apology to the surviving Japanese and offered them restitution in 1988. This order was a very negative event in American history.

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