What specific event caused the US Congress to pass the Lend-lease Act?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The British need for money is what inspired the lend- lease act.  Roosevelt's analysis was fairly telling in liking the lending of money as akin to giving a neighbor a garden hose if their house was on fire.  In this comparison, the "house on fire" was the threat posed by Germany to England.  Roosevelt understood that the need to lend war supplies and money to England was absolute.  Once Russia was invaded, the provisions of the act were applied to Russia in their fight against Germany, also.  The single or specific act that caused Congressional approval of the act was the recognition that Germany threatened the national sovereignty of European nations.  It was a recognition that while the affairs in Europe were "Europe's problems," the rise and spread of Nazism and the German nation was something that needed to be countered and an event that possessed world implications.

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