James Monroe's Presidency Questions and Answers

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What was the Era of Good Feelings, and what was its impact on the rise of sectionalism in the United States?

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The Era of Good Feelings is a term closely associated with the presidency of James Monroe. First used by a popular newspaper, the phrase signified the lack of political infighting due to the dominance of only one party, the Democratic-Republicans. This was a time just after the War of 1812 when new opportunities were opening up for America and its citizens. The Louisiana Purchase, which Monroe had helped negotiate, had opened up vast new territories to settlers. During Monroe's first term, the United States also purchased Florida, which further expanded its territory. During his second term, Monroe instituted the Monroe Doctrine, under which the United States opposed European colonization and which forbade European power in North and South America.

Despite all this progress and the relative lack of political rivalries due to the preponderance of one party, sectionalism between the northern and southern portions of the United States was a growing problem. The northern states had already...

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