What was the ending of the story "A Rose for Emily"?summarize only the ending

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A few significant things happen at the end of section five.

Like the previous posting noted, Emily has died. In the narrative, we go back to the beginning when Emily's funeral was taking place and it is also the first moment we know that the ladies of the town have finally been let inside the house by Tobe.

This is an important fact, because Tobe escapes out the back door. This has always been a mystery which stems from Faulkner's original manuscript, in which Toby supposedly already knew what was going on in Emily's room and after Emily proposed to leave him her house he declined and said he will instead live in a poorhouse.  However, we do not know what was exactly what Tobe knew every since Faulker decided to take off that part of the story, and we as readers are led to believe that either he knew too much, or too little.

Another important thing was the smell of rot that led everyone to the house and the ultimate finding of Homer's carcass with a dent on the pillow next to him showing one of Emily's white hairs, showing that she had been sleeping with him all this time.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the end of the story, Emily has died.  The narrator and some others have come into her house and they are going to go look in the upstairs room that no one had been in (no outsider at least) in forty years.  They have to break down the door to get in

What they find is that there is the decayed corpse of a man in the bed in the room.  He has been dead a long time.  The then notice that the pillow next to him has an indentation -- the shape of a head.  And it has a "long strand of iron-gray hair."

So the implication is that Miss Emily has been sleeping in the same bed as the corpse for all these years.

ainet | Student

Read the story. It's a good one. Then you'll know the ending. Any answers to questions such as this one are simply aids to students taking the easy route through school. And, since there is a chance that you someday might be in charge of something that might have an impact on me and mine, then DO THE WORK.

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