What was the effect of President George Washington's actions as President?

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George Washington served as President of the United States at a very important time in our history. As a new country with a new plan of government, we needed to have a good leader. George Washington was a good leader for our country.

One issue President Washington faced was dealing with our debt. With the help of his Secretary of Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, a debt plan was developed that would allow the country to begin paying its debts. Alexander Hamilton also created a plan to have a national banking system.

Another issue we faced was dealing with unfriendly Native American tribes. There were attacks by some of the Native Americans against us. Our military attacked some of these tribes to make our country safer. Anthony Wayne won a battle at Fallen Timbers. This battle showed that our government, led by President Washington, was willing to deal with these attacks.

President Washington also stood up to other countries. When Spain and Great Britain tried to push us around, President Washington worked to sign agreements with these countries to deal with the issues we were facing. President Washington knew we weren't prepared to go to war. Pinckney’s Treaty with Spain and Jay’s Treaty with Great Britain resolved some of the issues we had with these countries without going to war. One of these issues dealt with trade.

President Washington also worked to keep order at home. When the Whiskey Rebellion occurred, President Washington had the military move in to restore order. This showed our people that the government wouldn’t tolerate uprisings in our country. Our government would act when these issues arose.

President Washington did many things to help our country move forward.

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