What was the effect of Greek colonization in the Mediterranean?

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Greek colonization of the Mediterranean also facilitated the spread of Greek culture and ideas. The Greeks were renowned for their philosophy, and wherever they went, their ideas went with them. The influence of Greek philosophy has been widespread down the millennia, not least because it merged with Judeo-Christian heritage to form a cultural synthesis that laid the foundations of Western civilization.

For centuries in the Mediterranean, to be educated meant being able to speak Greek and to have some understanding of Greek philosophy. Christianity's development from a fringe Jewish cult to a world religion was assisted by its dissemination among educated Greek speakers in the Mediterranean and beyond. Indeed, the very nature of Christianity as we know it today would be unthinkable without an infusion of Greek ideas, most notably the concept of logos, or divine reason, which was incorporated into the Christian worldview. ("In the beginning was the Word/logos.")

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