What was the East Coast/West Coast hip hop rivalry?please be detailed i was just curious what it was and how it started and everything

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It was a feud in the 1990s between artists and fans of the east-coast and west coast hip hop scenes in the unites states.here is some of the history.

Hip hop emerged in the streets of new york city where it would stay for a while. As the 1980s drew to a close, however, several west coast based acts such as Ice-T,MC Hammer,and N.W.A. began garnering attention.It is agurably said to have started when Tim dog released "F*** Compton" a diss track aimed at N.W.A. and other compton artists.Later a new recod label called Death Row Records put a new spotlight on LA and the west coast hip-hop scene.In 1992 Sean "puff daddy" Combs founded the New York centered hip hop label, Bad Boy Records.A man known as The notorious Big became the center of the label.However on Death row records Tupac Shakur became the center of it.Tupac *2pac* and biggie both released so called diss songs to each other and to the west and east coast.Like "Who shot ya" or Hit em'up".

But Tupac was shot in Las Vegas and died 6 days later on September 13 1996.Six months later on March 9, 1997, Notorious B.I.G. was shot and killed in Los Angeles California. Both murders remain unsolved, and numerous theories (some of them conspiracy theories) have sprung up.This feud changed hip-hop forever and deserves its place in music history.

thedemon | Student

The East Coast-West Coast hip hop rivalry was an on going dispute in the early mid 1990s rivalry between artists/fans of the East Coast and West Coast hip-hop scenes. Seeming focal points of the feud were west coast rapper 2Pac (and his label, Death Row Records), and east coast rapper The Notorious BIG (and his label, Bad Boy Records.)


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