What was the domestic conditions during 1884 in England?

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When Queen Victoria came to the English throne during the early industrial revolution the new industrialisation was bringing new markets, a shopping boom and more prosperity for most of the middle and upper classes.Fast and disordered changes ensued as new towns and cities grew too fast to bring a healthy life style.

The Victorians battled with the consequences of fast industrialism. Victorian towns symbolised Britain's success and world dominance, but it also saw some of the most sick and deprived people, and unhealthy liviung conditions, in the world.

Bettering Britain's overcrowded disease-ridden cities was a big challenge. Mortality data showed that, in the poor filthy quarters of Britain's biggest cities, almost one child in every five born alive during the 1830s to 1840s had died by five years old. Pollution, dirty water,overcrowding and damp accommodation were the causes. Death rates remained stubbornly above 20 per thousand until the 1880s and when they began to improve, progress was slow and patchy. 

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