In Fahrenheit 451, what was different about the hobos Montag met? Why did each man identify himself as a famous author or piece of literature?

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The hobos are different because they are men commited to books and the knowledge contained within them.  They have memorized sections of books to insure the information is not lost, and they plan to pass the information onto their children so it is not lost.  They identify themselves by authors or pieces of literature because those are the things they have memorized.  Each man is responsible to remember different texts so they are not lost.  Montag himself begins to memorize Ecclesiastes at the very end of the novel.

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The society of "Fahrenheit 451" written by Ray Bradbury is very different from our society. 

In the novel, hiding books is forbidden because the government does not want individuals and wants to control the people. They have to be equal. 

And there is the difference to the hobos, the group of men who live in the wilderness. This group reads books and keeps them in mind, before the members burn them. 

They identify themselves as a part of literature because each one reads one book and learns it by heart to bring it to the next generations.The men do not want to lose the high values of literature because their aim is to change the society after the war. 

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