Thomas Jefferson's Presidency

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What was democracy, according to Thomas Jefferson?

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Thomas Jefferson, the man who wrote that "all men were created equal" in the Declaration of Independence, had his own definition of equality.  Jefferson did not view slaves nor Native Americans as people who could partake in a democracy.  He thought that Natives should have to move west of the Mississippi River in order to maintain their culture.  Jefferson believed that the "common man" who owned land was the best person to participate in a democracy since that person had more to gain or lose in a taxation bill.  Jefferson also believed that government was best handled at the state and local levels; as president, Jefferson sought ways to cut the size of the federal government in order to reduce taxes.  Jefferson's view of democracy was favorable to landowners such as himself, but for minorities, women, and the poor, Jefferson's words that "all men are created equal" did not mean much.  

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