Identify the decline of absolutism in the French Revolution.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The decline of absolutism was an essential part of the French Revolution.  The fall of the French monarchy was caused by a convergence of circumstances.  Rising economic challenges, poor stewardship of leadership, and the emerging middle class were a few of the reasons that came together in causing the decline of absolutism.  Essentially, Louis XVI understood that the task of managing and guiding the nation was beyond his grasp.  He and the French royal family tried to escape.  They were returned and placed under house arrest.  The decline of absolutism can be seen in Louis XVI's incapacity to lead effectively due to a lack of power:

[His- Louis XVI] power was so diminished as to be virtually non-existent; Louis now held what authority he had from the nation, not by divine right, no longer King of France, but King of the French.

In this "non- existent" reality is where the decline of absolutism in the French Revolution is most evident.

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