What was Daniel's part in the skirmish?

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In Chapter 2, Rosh gives the order to rob a caravan heading through the valley trade route in the mountains. Rosh wants his band to capture a giant slave because he says that the slave is too valuable to waste on the galleys. Daniel is disappointed because he is responsible for holding a scared fat man in check while the others free the huge slave from the caravan. Suddenly, Rosh gives the order to attack and Daniel runs towards the heavy man in the striped headdress and twists his arm back before the man has a chance to grab for his dagger. Daniel quickly grabs the man's dagger and pokes the man's ribs with it. Daniel feels cheated out of a challenging opportunity when he sees the terror in the man's face. The entire skirmish happens quickly, and Rosh orders his men to retreat after they successfully take the slave. Daniel's job in the skirmish was simply to make sure a fat man did not hurt anyone while the rest of Rosh's band took the slave. 

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