In the short story "The Lady or The Tiger?" what was the daughter doing that caused her father's disapproval when discovered?

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pirateteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Stockton's "The Lady or The Tiger" tells of a land long ago and far away where a harsh and barbaric king rules his country with a strong fist.  He discovers that his daughter, a beautiful young girl whom he adores, has been having an affair.  To add insult to the king, not only is his daughter having an affair, but she has also fallen in love with him. The young man, a commoner, is not suitable for the king's daughter.  Since it is a crime for a commoner to fall in love with the princess, the king throws the young man in jail and begins to carry out his traditional form of punishment.

In his country the king has prisoners pick their fate by choosing one of two doors that contain either a beautiful lady to be his bride, or a terrible tiger to kill him.

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