Isabel Allende

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What were the contributions of Isabel Allende in the field of literature?

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Isabel Allende was born in 1942 in Lima, Peru. After spending some time as an editor (Mampato magazine), she began to write stories which reflected her personal experiences and the raising up of women. Many of her stories' focus lies upon life spent in exile and the displacement of families (due to exile).

Her works are those of "magical realism" and myth. Magic realism is the weaving of magical elements with real world elements.

Allende is renowned as the most widely read Spanish writing author.

Her literary contributions have been translated into many different languages and have won numerous literary awards.

Isabel Allende's literary contributionsinclude two children's stories, La Abuela Panchita (Grandmother Panchita) and Lauchas y Lauchones, a collection of articles (Civilice a Su Troglodita), a play El Embajador, and nineteen novels/novellas/short story collections.

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