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What were the reasons for the Allied victory in WWII?

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First, supply lines win wars, and the Soviets and the United States both had incomparable supply lines. The Germans developed very sophisticated technologies and, for example, produced better, more maneuverable tanks than the Soviets, but because these tanks were more sophisticated, the Germans could not churn them out at the same rate the Soviets produced their much more basic models. The Soviets would simply ditch tanks that broke down, as more were always coming off the assembly line, whereas a damaged tank presented a problem for the Germans.

Likewise, the Americans just churned out supplies incessantly. The Allies had all the guns, bullets, bombs, subs, planes, ships, tanks, cars, boots, and other supplies they needed. Further, the Allies had much greater access to essential materials, such as rubber and gasoline, especially near the end of the war.

Further, the Germans made a mistake in conducting a war on two fronts. Hitler thought he could repeat his success in France by moving...

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