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What was the common impact of the Glorious Revolution, American and French Revolutions, and Latin American revolution?

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If you look at all of these revolutions taken together, the main common impact that they have is that they all worked to reduce the power of monarchies and increase the amount of democracy that existed...

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jjeopardy007 | Student

The American Revolution was obviously a point in American history that greatly impacted the future of independence and was what inspired the French people to revolt against King Louis and Queen Marie of France. Latin America was the same way in that when Mexico was being held by Spain they broke free from their clutches (with our help of course) ;) and were able to gain independence. This is only two examples of how many countries were able to succeed in accomplishing independence. India finally became a free nation from the British Raj after India's War for Independence and Mohandas Gandhi's peaceful uprisings such as the Salt March. Africa also was among the nations that gained there independence through force or through trials. It takes time but eventually democracy is given to the ones that need it the most.