What were common daily events in Colonial India?

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Colonial India was ruled by the British. Trade was regarded as highly important, and the welfare of the people of India was of little concern to the British. The British considered their role over the people as a trusteeship.

The people of India lived under a caste system. One was not able to climb above the caste one was born into, and marriages were arranged between members of the same caste. Women had subservient roles to men and were not allowed to provide input into politics or other decisions in the household.

Agriculture was  important, and the people managed and grew their daily food sources. However, under British rule, that required products to trade, a shift in crops occurred. The Indians were reorganized to farm crops of cotton, resulting in less food and leading to famine.

Most people worked in the fields, in the spice industry, or trade. The children of the upper castes were taught to read and write in English by the British. Most of the population practiced Hinduism as their religion. The children assisted their fathers and mothers in their daily duties. Females assisted in making meals and washing clothing. The male children assisted their fathers in the fields.

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