What was Cleopatra's foreign policy?

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During Ptolemic rule in Egypt there were seven Cleopatra's. I am going to guess you are referring to Cleopatra the seventh, the last pharoah of Egypt. Cleopatra the seventh's foreign policy was to rule the world. She would join with Caesar, bear an heir, and have their lineage rule the then known world. Cleopatra would be able to accomplish this due to the fact that she was educated by the best of Greek historians and philosophers of her time.  Although Greek, she understood the importance of popular appeal and what it would afford her,especially when it came to foreign rivals. She took the time to emmerse herself in the Ancient Egyptian religion, culture,and language and benefitted from it. She cemented her rule within Egypt, to better prepare herself for Egypt's future which in turn was her future. Due to her fathers' debt to Rome her foreign policy was centered around maintaining Egypt's independence, or at the very least a pseudo co-existence with Rome. In order to accomplish that task she allied herself and Egypt with the power of Rome. First with Julius Caesar and by all accounts her political equal,then Marc Antony who could never rival her political intellect, but the man she fell in love with. Realizing it was Rome that held the real power she used her intuitive political abilities to reinvent herself, accomodating for the differences between Caesar and Antony.Unfortunately,the result wasn't in her ability as a leader that led to her downfall, it was love.

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