What was a claim that Helen Keller made in The Story of My Life?

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Helen Keller made many claims throughout her autobiography, The Story of My Life.  One claim she made was that her plagiarism when she wrote the short story "The Frost King" had been completely unintentional.  She also claimed that Mr. Anagnos thought her plagiarism had been done intentionally to impress him.

Helen wrote a short story when she was nearly twelve-years-old.  She claimed that this story was inspired by the beautiful foliage that Miss Sullivan had described to her one autumn.  From this inspiration, Helen wrote her story.  She later realized that her story closely resembled one which had been read to her previously.  Helen had sent her story to Mr. Anagnos at the Perkins Institution.

Mr. Anagnos was surprised when he found out that Helen's story resembled another.  He had originally been pleased with it, and he had had the story published in a report.  When it was discovered that Helen had plagiarized, she was questioned "before a court of investigation composed of the teachers and officers of the Institution" (Chapter XIV).  Helen made a claim that Mr. Anagnos thought "that Miss Sullivan and [her] had deliberately stolen the bright thoughts of another and imposed them on him to win his admiration."

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