What was Circe's external conflict when she met Odysseus?

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When Odysseus arrives at Circe's palace, he's been warned by Hermes that she's going to give him a potion to drink that will turn him into a pig.  Hermes has given him an herb to eat so that the potion will not affect him, and he's also instructed Odysseus on what to do next.  Odysseus pulls his knife out and acts like he's going to kill Circe; she falls to her knees and begs to know who he is and where he comes from.  She assumes that he must be Odysseus, and she asks him to put away his knife and come to her bedroom to sleep with her so that they can "'learn to trust each other.'"  Thus, there is a conflict between Circe and Odysseus because he seems to have outsmarted her, something she is not at all accustomed to.  As a goddess, she is used to having her own way, as she did with the other men.

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