What was Chris's relationship with his parents like?

Chris had a very difficult relationship with his parents. He became estranged from them due to the fact that their values were different from his. Whereas Chris wanted to forge his own path in life, his parents remained content with a conventional, middle-class existence.

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To some extent, Chris's fateful journey into the Alaskan wilderness represents a decisive rejection of his parents and their values. Chris's parents lead a fairly comfortable, middle-class lifestyle in keeping with their wealth and social status. Unlike Chris, they don't see anything wrong with this and appear more than contented with their lot.

Inevitably, this drives a huge wedge between Chris and his parents. Over time, Chris has come to develop a profound hostility to the conventional, bourgeois values of his parents, which he sees as propping up an unfair society disfigured by disparities of wealth and opportunity. In rejecting his parents and the life that they lead, Chris is also turning his back on that society.

Chris's relations with his father are further strained by the shocking revelation that his father has been leading a double-life, maintaining a second home with his first wife. This revelation fuels Chris's growing conviction that society, as represented by his parents,...

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