What was Chris McCandless's purpose for going into the wild? Did he discover or fulfill what he was looking for?

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Chris ultimately seeks true happiness and finding the meaning of life. Chris loves the works of transcendentalist writers and Jack London, and he believes that society has obfuscated happiness.

He views his family as slaves to consumerism and materialism, where inanimate objects are assigned more value than they inherently deserve. One of the final breaking points for Chris is when his parents try to buy him a car. Instead, he decides to act like a transcendentalist and surround himself with nature. In nature, he is rid of materialistic possessions and societal norms. Instead of making decisions based on what materials he will acquire, he is forced to make decisions based on survival. This process will ultimately allow him to focus completely on his life and gain an understanding of what makes him truly happy.

Ultimately, Chris died because of his decision, unable to survive in the Alaskan wilderness. In his final photograph he is smiling, and some of his final words thank God for the...

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