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Goodbye, Mr. Chips is a wonderful story about Mr. Chipping, who was a teacher and headmaster at Brookfield, a second rank school for boys. In 1870, Mr. Chipping interviewed at Brookfield, after a year teaching at Melbury.

He was interviewed by the headmaster, Wetherby, who kindly admonished him to be careful to instill proper discipline in his pupils, although he need not have worried about Mr. Chipping's success as a teacher. In fact, Mr. Chipping was so successful in this endeavor that his students came to respect and like him very much. Although Mr. Chipping harbored great personal expectations of becoming headmaster, he realized that it was not to be.

"His degree, for instance, was not particularly good, and his discipline, though good enough and improving, was not absolutely reliable under all conditions. He had no private means and no family connections of any importance."

However, when the headmaster died and no one could be found to take his place during the war, Mr. Chipping was asked to fulfill the task of leading Brookfield. He did so with distinction and only retired to live at Mrs. Wickett's after the war.

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