What was Charon's reaction to Dante's attempt to cross the river of Acheron in Inferno?

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When Dante attempts to cross the river into the Underworld, Charon, the boat driver, tries to prevent him from going. He is angered that a living soul would attempt to enter the Underworld and see Hell and so tries to stop him. Charon is tasked with ushering souls back and forth between Hell, Purgatory, Heaven, and Earth, and so he has seen the trouble in Hell and knows what awaits anyone who enters its gates.

Virgil intervenes, however, demanding that Charon take Dante because his is on a divine journey. Dante's journey is necessary so that people can hear and understand what Hell is like for sinners. Finally, Charon relents and allows Virgil and Dante to board the boat. He takes them on begrudgingly and ushers them into Hell to see what it's like.

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