What was the cause of Conchetta Pignati's death in The Pigman, and where did she die?      

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Jessica Akcinar eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Conchetta Pignati, Mr. Angelo Pignati's wife, was the love of the Pigman's life. The two had shared a love of gourmet food, jokes, and wine. He misses her tremendously and mourns her still. His love is evident in chapter ten:

"We loved each other. We didn't need anyone else. She did everything for me. We were each others life," he managed to say, and then broke into sobs."

He misses her so much that, at first, he tells Lorraine and John that his wife is on holiday in California. It isn't until the kids stumble upon her death records that they know the truth. They ask Mr. Pignati about the truth, and he finally confesses. She is dead.

The cause of Conchetta's death is never really explicitly stated. One time, Mr. Pignati asks the kids to play a game with him where he tells a story about an adulterous wife being that is murdered by an assassin, and the kids are asked to figure out whom the assassin was. However, although this makes John and Lorraine question how Conchetta died, if she was the audulterous wife that was murdered, and whom she may have been mudered by, we really cannot assume that she was assassinated, and we certainly cannot assume that Mr. Pignati killed her, so her death remains a mystery.

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