Who were some of Caroline Herschel's relatives?

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Caroline Herschel, born in Hanover, Germany, in 1750 became the first woman to discover a comet thanks to the gift of a telescope from her eldest brother Frederick Wilhelm. Caroline was a talented musician but was prevented by family situations from studying.

When Wilhelm traveled as a musician, Caroline reaped the benefits; she moved to Bath, England, at his request and trained as a singer.

Her other brother Alexander was also a successful musician as was their father Isaac. He believed in Caroline, though he was painfully realistic about her options in life after having had smallpox and growth-stunting typhus fever.

Her mother Anna Ilse was not kindly disposed to having her daughter learn beside her brothers and kept her at home doing household chores--until Wilhelm saved her. When Wilhelm died, Caroline went to live their other brother Deitrich.

The well known family members of astronomer Caroline Herschel:
Father: Isaac Herschel
Mother:  Anna Ilse Moritzen Herschel
Brothers: Frederick Wilhelm Herschel, Alexander Herschel, Deitrich Herschel

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