In The Bronze Bow, what was brought to Leah as a gift by the roman soldier?

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Just a bit to add to the previous answer. 

The value of these gifts cannot be underestimated.  The soldier was by no means wealthy.  At best, he was a step ahead of the poverty endured by Leah and her family. The gifts he brings, especially the pomegranates and figs, were considered delicacies meant for the elite alone.  The fact that the soldier has spent many weeks' salary on these gifts bespeaks his love and sacrifice for Leah.   


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The Roman brought Leah "a woven basket of fruit...very fine fruit, sleek scarlet pomegranates, plum juicy figs, the sort of fruit that no Galilean ever kept for his own table, and only once a year dared to reserve for the sacrifice of First Fruits at the Temple..." (Chapter22).

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