What was the biggest problem Sam faced with this task?  

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Sam Gribley was a city kid who ran away from home to go to live on the wild property of his ancestors in the Catskill Mountains. He took only a penknife, a ball of cord, an ax, and $40. With these supplies, he had to cover the basics of life: food and shelter. Since he was in the forest, the trees gave him some slight protection at the beginning. So finding food turned out to be his biggest and on-going challenge. He had already read books about some survival skills, like what kinds of plants are edible in the wild, but he had never done anything like this on his own. He learned how to prepare and eat a variety of wild foods: frogs’ legs, rabbits, violet tubers, cattail roots, and much more. He trained a young falcon to hunt for him, too. He was quite smart and resourceful, in this respect. Some of the notes shared in the book include basic recipe instructions for food that Sam cooked and created.

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