What was the basic philosophy of government Old Major proposed at the beginning and the benefits offered for each animal?  

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It seems to me that the basic premise of government that Old Major offers is one that is all- encompassing, reflecting how government can help individuals who are in need. Old Major does not construct a view of government that is limited.  Essentially in stressing that "all animals are comrades" and "all men are enemies," Old Major has suggested that government must enhance the former and work towards prosecuting the latter.  This is a wide view of government and its capacity.  In this, government is able to suggest clearly that it has the ability to take broad action in the lives of its citizens.  Old Major runs through a list of the grievances that the animals face.  The suggestion out of this is that his vision and its conception of governing life on the farm is one in which it can rectify that which is wrong.  He does not suggest that the animals are on their own or cut off from a body that will help them.  Animalism is a philosophical tract whose political application envisions a government that is expansive and wide ranging in seeking to help the animals as best as it can.