What was the Auschwitz concentration camp?

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Auschwitz was a notorious death camp of the Nazi Regime.  Located in modern day Poland near the city of Oswiecim, it is believed to account for as many as 4 million of the 11.5 million Jews and Gentiles killed by the Nazis during the Holocaust.  It was liberated by Soviet forces Jan. 27, 1945.  For more details about the history of Auschwitz visit the link below. 


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Auschwitz is a concentration camp where Jewish Holocaust victims were kept as prisoners during the Nazi regime. I was located in modern day Poland. Today it is kept as a memorial for the Holocaust and it's victims along with the survivors, inside the building can be seen the clothes of the people who were gassed and the items left behind by those who were told to abandon their possessions after leaving the train

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The Auschwitz Concentration Camp was a network of concentration and death camps located near Oswiecim, Poland, that were constructed by the Nazis for the explicit purpose of carrying out the Final Solution. The camp itself was meant to serve as a killing centre, where people that have been labelled as undesirable by the Nazi regime, were to be exterminated and gassed to death. Large numbers of Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, criminals and prisoners-of-war were brought to the camp via railway and systematically murdered in such a manner. By the time of its liberation, the camp had grown to include three main camps and 45 sub-camps. As the largest of the Nazis’ death camps, Auschwitz stands as a haunting reminder of the horrors that man can wrought upon fellow humankind.

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It was a connection of Nazi concentration camps and was the cause of the largest deaths in these Nazi camps. Severe torture, inhumane experiments, all these affected captives of this camp. Many were jews but political prisoners were also involved. 

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