What was one of the arguments that Squealer used to explain why the milk was going to the pigs?

Expert Answers
renelane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Squealer explained that milk and apples are necessary and vital to the pigs well-being. He claimed that the pigs did not even like milk, but they were willing to drink it for the good of all the animals on the farm. In this way, Squealer makes it seem as if it is a sacrifice the pigs do for all the animals. The pigs are the "brains" of the organization, and ensuring their continued health and safety should be a concern for all. The animals accept this explanation and do not question the explanation.

clane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When the secret of the missing milk came out and it was learned that the pigs were keeping it all for themselves, Squealer came to calm the angered animals down. He told the animals that he hoped they didn't think the pigs did this for selfish reasons, he said that pigs didn't even really like milk, but that it aided them in keeping their health and they needed their health in order to help run the farm. If the pigs did not get all the milk and they all fell ill then Jones was sure to come back.