What was appealing about The Kite Runner?

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An appealing element of The Kite Runner is how it displays the possibility of human redemption.

Human beings struggle with emotional and spiritual restoration.  It creates an ache in our hearts.  It is a constant reminder of how different we are from what we were.  The Kite Runner displays how human beings can find "a way to be good again."  While Amir might have made a new life for himself in America, he recognizes the need to fix that which is wrong.  He is not fully comfortable with the person he is.  As a result, his trip to Afghanistan is part of an obligation to emotional restoration he must honor.

Amir returns and reconnects with his own identity.  He makes peace with the complex relationship between he and his father.  He better understands his friendship with Hassan.  Even though he cannot immediately connect with him, he is able to do right by Hassan's son, Sohrab.  Amir confronts Assef in the way that he should have when he was younger.  Finally, he learns what it means to possess the selfless love and devotion that Hassan had towards him when Amir struggles to save Sohrab's life.  When he prays and connects with a part of his own spiritual identity that had not been active, Amir finds a path to emotional restoration.  The Kite Runner shows that no matter how much time has passed, we can "be good again." 

There is so much sadness in the world. Human interaction has yielded a large portion of this pain.  Figuring out how to remedy such hurt can be overwhelming.  However, The Kite Runner suggests that if we are willing to confront our own transgressions, there is hope for restoration and redemption.  Like Amir, we must have the courage to confront and accept our role in a person's suffering.  We must be able to make peace with ourselves in order to ease the pain that has cast a shadow on our identity. Amir recognizes the mistakes he made in the past.  In doing so, he has laid the foundation for future happiness "a thousand times over." The Kite Runner is appealing in this affirmation of emotional restoration.

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