What was Annie trying to do with Percy in the little house in "Miracle Worker"?Find the answer please!

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Annie is trying to reestablish communication with Helen through Percy.

Helen has just realized that she is alone with Annie in the little house, and has thrown a fierce and desperate tantrum.  She will not let Annie near her, and, exhausted from the fight, falls asleep on the floor.  Annie knows that if she herself tries to touch Helen at this point, it will only make things worse, so she wakes Percy and has him reach for her, and Helen, sensing that there is someone else there besides her hated teacher, responds.  Annie then tries to arouse Helen's curiosity by appealing to her competitive spirit.  She begins to teach Percy to spell words with his fingers, as if it is a game, and when Helen tries to see what is going on, she pushes her away.  Helen, like any child, is immediately angry at being left out and jealous that someone besides her is getting all the attention.  She shoves Percy out of the way and imperiously presents her own hand to Annie to spell into.  With Percy's unwitting intercession, Annie has succeeded in reestablishing communication with Helen (Act 2).