What was Amy Tan's whole purpose of writing The Joy Luck Club?

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As another reviewer said, it can be tricky to identify an author's "purpose" or why the author wrote a particular work. It is usually better to discuss the themes or what ideas arise from the work. The author constructs the work in a way to highlight or emphasize particular themes.

Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club emphasizes the relationships between mothers and daughters, communication between those mothers and daughters, and cultural differences between those who grow up in one country and then raise their children in a different country. There are four mothers and four daughters in the novel; each character is highlighted in two short stories. The only character whose story is not emphasized directly through her own stories is Suyuan, who, we learn, has recently died. Her daughter Jing-Mei is instead the focus of the stories that would be hers, which is symbolic of the way Jing-Mei is taking her mother's place (at the mahjong table, in the Joy Luck Club, on the trip to China). That...

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