What was America's foreign policy before and after the Spanish American War?specific examples please.

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1. Complete end of Spanish rule in the Americas that began with Columbus
2. US now involved in affairs of the Orient – no isolationism
3. US recognized as world power
4. War heals wounds of the Civil War, uniting North, South & West
Treaty of Paris, 1898:
1. Cuba independent, Spain pays heavy Cuban debt
2. PR, Guam, Philippines ceded to US
3. US pays $20,000,000 for Philippines4
What US gained from the War:
5,462 US deaths
– 379 from battle
– most from yellow fever, malaria, & diseases
– tainted meat sold to Army by Armour Co. caused some too
US owns: PR, Guam, Wake, Philippines, Samoa
What do we do with them?
Teddy Roosevelt
1898  - elected Governor of NY
1900 - stashed in VP slot in Election of
1901 - anarchist Leon Czolgosz kills McKinley, at 42 TR b/c Pres
Philippines Insurrection (1899 – 1902):
McKinley Keeps Phil b/c:
1. Christianize Filipinos
2. Prestige of Empire
3. Business men wanted invest, raw materials & markets
4. Base for trade with Far East
5. Would fall into the hands of others:
Aguinaldo, who was brought back to Phil by Dewey, & he didn’t want US rule
The war that followed was bloodier than the one with Spain
Modern Imperial War:
1. massive strikes against civilians
2. war atrocities
3. brutality missing from wars with Europeans
4. fighting “brown” Filipinos removed excuses for civility
5,000 US died in this war
Cost more $ & time as well as lives than the Spanish American War
Aguinaldo captured by daring invasion into his camp
William Howard Taft made Governor of the Philippines
Decided to allow eventual freedom gradually to island5
US occupies the island
American dependency under status of Protectorate
Platt Amendment (1901)
1. Cuba must get US consent for international agreements
2. Cuba could not assume indebtedness that may give foreign powers an
excuse for intervention
3. US could intervene to preserve independence & stability of Cuba
4. US granted two naval bases (Guantanamo Bay remains)
US intervenes in Cuba with troops in 1906, 1912, 1917
Dr. Walter Reed id’s mosquito that carried yellow fever & disease controlled