What was the altitude of moon on December 5? 6? 9? 10? 11? 14? 15? 16? 18? 22? 24? in 2009?

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jseligmann eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Using an astronomy program called "Starry Night," I was able to ascertain the distance from a stationary observer on earth to the surface of the moon. I assume that is what you meant by altitude. Please note two things:

1) The distance from the earth to the moon is canstantly changing since the moon is moving in an elliptical orbit.

2) Because all measurements were not made at exactly the same time every day, these distances are an approximation and were rounded off to the next full kilometer.

Here are the measurements in kilometers:

12/5     359247 km

12/6     360511 km

12/9     370681 km

12/10   374986 km

12/11   379568 km

12/14   391133 km

12/15   394747 km

12/16   398155 km

12/18   401605 km

12/22   401823 km

12/24   394284 km


giorgiana1976 | Student

I found something inetersting which could help you to calculate the data you've needed.

The manner to input data to obtain not only altitude, but azimuth and other specific pieces of info about celestial bodies: Sun and Moon, is so easy. There is something you have to pay attention, that daylight time is not used.

The definitions for altitude or azimuth are not given in this link, but there are others which could provide you these info, too.