What was Alfred Adler's main theory or hypothesis?

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"Adler is remembered both for his role in the early development of psychoanalysis and for his theories relating to "individual psychology," which stresses the essential unity and uniqueness of every individual and his or her "life-pattern." Many of the tenets of Adler's individual psychology, such as the importance of the "inferiority feeling" in character development, have become conventional psychological principles."

Adler believed in a unity of body and soul so that the psychic attitude affects the physical and the physical affects the psychic. Adler believed that to a certain degree every emotion finds some body expression. Maybe the person will respond in their posture and attitude, in their facial expresions, perhaps the trembling of his legs and knees. Physical changes might be found in the organs themselves. The circulation of blood is affected as shown when a person blushes or turns pale. In anger, anxiety, sorrow, or any other emotion, the body always speaks and each individual's body speaks a language of its own

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He believed that humans are born weak with an inferiority complex, only to grow up land slowly becoming stronger.

He also believed the order in which a person is born can effect their personality.