What was Alexander the Great’s greatest achievement?

Expert Answers
Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Alexander the Great is know for many things.  His father, from Macedonia, had the dream of conquering Greece then spreading its ideas and culture throughout the known world; however, he died before he could complete his mission.

Alexander the Great stepped in and finished the work of his father.  He conquered the Persian empire and extended his territory from the Atlantic Ocean to India.  Undoubtedly, his greatest achievement was the spread of Hellenistic culture and ideas throughout the lands he conquered and added to his empire.  Cities were founded throughout Africa and Asia bearing his name, each containing new libraries and cultural buildings.  The ideas of Ancient Greece were spread throughout the world, thus ensuring their survival.  Greece itself was small and divided, and as Macedonia proved, ripe to be conquered.  Fortunately for the world, Alexander the Great spread that culture throughout the known world ensuring that future generations would not forget its knowledge and accomplishments.