The Boy Who Drew Cats

by Lafcadio Hearn

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What was the advice of the priest to the boy?

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As the title of the story implies, the little boy Joji draws cats. In fact, he really loves drawing cats. He loves it so much that he devotes every spare moment to his one and only hobby. Unfortunately, this doesn't make him much use around the family farm, and his parents have reluctantly concluded that Joji will never grow up to be a farmer.

So they take him to the local temple; perhaps he can train for the priesthood instead? The priest at the temple is only too happy to instruct Joji. Soon, however, he realizes that Joji's not cut out to be a priest. It's the same old problem: the boy just won't stop drawing cats. The priest, then, tells Joji that he'll never be a priest and advises him to leave the temple and return home to his family.

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