In The Crucible, what was the posture of Abigail Williams?

Expert Answers
accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

We are never actually given a detailed description of the posture of Abigail Williams, however we are given hints as to the kind of character that she is which can help us deduce what kind of posture she would have at various points in the play. Let us first begin by examining the description we are given of her when she first enters in Act One. We are told that she is "a strikingly beautiful girl, and orphan, with an endless capacity for dissembling." This reference is important because it points towards the artificial nature of Abigail's character and the extent to which she is, first and foremost, an actress who is able to deceive everyone with her performance. Abigail is an opportunist, who sees the power that she can gain by "opening herself" and exploits it to the full. We can therefore deduce that her posture in the play would be one that was full of the importance that she has assumed, unyielding and indignant of any challenge to it.