What was a funny moment in Born on a Blue Day?

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There are many small moments of humor scattered throughout the autobiography Born on a Blue Day by Daniel Tammet. Tammet is a man of unfathomable genius—he is a high-functioning autistic savant, which is a near-impossibility probability-wise. And yet he exists, with synesthesia that gives him the ability to perceive numbers and words as landscapes of shape, color, and texture and that allows him to rapidly learn new languages (for instance, when he became fluent in Icelandic, recognized globally as one of the hardest languages to learn, in only 9 days) and analyze numbers.

A brief moment of humor is had when he, as a young child, goes to the library to look at books. He assumes that, since these books all have names on them, somewhere in the library there must be a book with his name on it. Obviously, there was not, but his moment of confusion and disappointment is very humorous in his naïveté.

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