What are the wars cited in the poem "Ogichidag" by Jim Northrup?

epollock | Student

Many wars are cited. In the First World War, chlorine gas was used by the German armies in Ypres, in Belgium. Guadalcanal is a Pacific island that was the location of fierce fighting between Japanese and American forces in 1942. The North African campaign was chiefly between German and allied forces (led by the German General Rommel and the British General Montgomery) in the early 1940s. The Battle of the Bulge, some of the most fierce and desperate fighting in World War II, occurred in Belgium during the winter of 1944–45. The Korean War, between North Korea and United Nations forces (principally American), occupied the first years of the 1950s. The Cuban Missile Crisis, which was caused by the introduction of Russian missiles into Cuba, occurred in 1962. The Vietnamese War (of which Da Nang was a part) lasted from 1965 to 1975. The poem, in short, covers all the major wars in which the United States was engaged during the twentieth century.