Internment Questions and Answers
by Samira Ahmed

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What warnings does Jake give Layla after she passes her note to David? What is really happening to the internees that disappear?

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Jake warns Layla to stop what she's doing and implies that she could be executed.

Jake panics when David leaves and he realizes the possible consequences to his and Layla's actions. He warns her that anything she's planning could lead to harsh punishments for her and anyone else involved; he also tells her that he can't be sure he'll be able to protect her.

He tells her that she can see for herself that the camp is monitored. He warns her that the Director isn't an idiot. He mentions the White Rose—a resistance group he overheard her speaking of—and tells her that they were executed. Then he explains that once she's taken into custody, the Director and his people can do anything they want to her. They can torture or kill her.

To drive the point home, he mentions the men who went missing. He asks her if she understands why they never came back. It hits her that the men died.

Layla says that she and her friends were amateurs who didn't understand what they were up against. Jake's warning makes her realize exactly how dangerous their actions are and how badly things could go if they're caught. The Director shows up soon after and asks her about her necklace and her boyfriend, driving home the point.

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