What is the volume of 2400 kg of petrol?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In order to answer this question, you must know the density of petrol.  The reason you need to know this is because the formula that you would need to use to find the volume of petrol is

M = DV  where M is the mass, D is the density and v is the volume.  You have given us the mass and you are asking for the volume so we need to know the density.

One value given for this density is 737.22 kg/m^3  I will use this value.  Using this:

2400 = 737.22*v

v = 3.26 m^3


neela | Student

Petrol is a mixture of several hydrocarbons, generally called alkanes having general molecular formula, Cn H2n+2. Generally, pentane (C5H12) to octane(C8H18) mixtures refined is gasoline in liquid form and volatile used for fuel in vehicles. It has a coefficient of volume expansion of 0.00075/degree centigrade. Therefore, 2400 kg petrol (gasoline) at 20  degree centigrade, havind density of 737.22 kg/cubic meter has a volume of  2400 kg/(737.22kg/cubic meter) = 3.25547 cubic meter.