What is the volume of 14.0 g of Nitrogen gas at 1.05 atm and 25°C?

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justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The volume of a particular amount of gas at a given temperature and pressure is related by the Ideal gas law: P*V = n*R*T where P is the pressure, V is the volume, n is the amount of the gas, T is the temperature and R is the universal gas constant.

n is the amount of the gas in terms of moles. The molar mass of a nitrogen molecule or N2 is 28 g. 14 g of nitrogen is 0.5 mole of the gas.

The pressure is 1.05 atm and the temperature is 25 degrees Celsius or 298 K.

R is 8.205 *10^-5 m^3*atm/K*mol

Substituting the values in n*R*T/P = V we get V = 8.205*10^-5*298*0.5/1.05 = 0.0116 m^3

The volume of 14 g of nitrogen at 1.05 atm and 25 degrees Celsius is 0.0116 m^3.