What is a vocation and vocational aspiration?

jonesks | Student

A vocation is a person's occupation, what they do to make a living. An aspiration is wanting to do something great. Therefore, vocational aspiration is the great desire to do something for a living. In religious circles, you will  hear people say that they have been called to preach. They decide to become preachers because they have a great desire to help people in this way. In a similar way, people can have a vocational aspiration to be a doctor, lawyer, Peace Corp volunteer, or mechanic. A person who has a strong desire to do something for a living, they feel they need to do that vocation. A nurse may feel that she needs to be able to help people get better. 

jarian44 | Student

At first, when one hears the word vocation, they automatically think of the religious aspect.  Vocations have to do with the inner desire of the person to change someone or something other than themselves or their situation.  When thinking of becoming a teacher, I felt an overwhelming "call" to this particular vocation.  I always knew that this is where I would make changes and would be able to extend my knowledge to children.  Vocations allow us to work harder, keeping in mind that we are given the task of guiding, molding, and supporting the most precious of all creations, our children.

lainiek46 | Student
Vocational aspiration is for young or older adults to either start a new career or enter a new vocational career that they have never done. It's important at this point in time, because the United States industrial vocations are going over seas and it's important that our trades vocationally be brought back and taught to our youth or adults who are looking for a new career track. As an adjuct instructor at the National Labor College in Silver Spring, Md. I see adults who want to complete their degree's for life experience and go on to new jobs. It's so important that we pass the torch to our youth or adults who are changing career tracks to go to the vocation they aspire to get to with their Bachelor of Arts.

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