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Vocabulary enrichment is the desire of people to enrich their use of language in speaking and writing. Many schools build this into their academic curricula even if they do not call it vocabulary enrichment. The way in which this is achieved is various. In light of this, let me give you some examples. 

First, the most common way to enrich vocabulary is by working through a spelling and vocabulary book. People work through the books and memorize the words and definitions. More importantly, they seek to use these words in everyday speech. By doing so, these words become part of their lives. 

Second, reading is another way to enrich a person's vocabulary. Reading good literature enables a person to see and understand what good writing is like. 

Third, the process of writing also enhances vocabulary enrichment. There is something about writing that forces a person to chose words precisely. Moreover, writing always entails rewriting, which help as well. 

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